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We are one of the leading E-waste dealers in Tamil nadu over past 15 years. Our Company Operators as Required backup and well Experienced in Business Field. And Other Partners with Vast Exposure to Different Industries. Have Extensive hands on Experience in all Aspects of Implementing a Deal, right from Identification to Details Material Samples. The Essence of their Work is based on a set of Intangibles Intuition, Emotion, and SharedMemoriesandExperiences.

We take Leadership and Total Responsibility for the Complete Purchasing Deals. We have a Team of hard workers with more than 15 years of Experience.

We can guarantee consistent Business Deals by an Experienced crew more importantly we are a company indicated to customer satisfaction we achieve our success by providing the Best offer and Good Rates what they Accepts , and Deal by a hones. We have completed Several Deals successfully and have worked with various Industries, Manufactures, Ware House, Company & Brokers, and Clients.

All the projects executed by Sri Kamatshi Traders are Functionally Excellent and Cosmetically Supervisor and Unique. As a Firm we believe in doing all our Business with Greater Involvement and a Deeper Level of Commitment. Thus we give Highly Personalized Service to all our Clients and Strive for their Complete Satisfaction.

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  • "The three keys in our choice of an electronics recycler are a reputation, businesses practices, and people we can trust. That's what we've found in Sri Kamatshi Trader."

    - Mr.Senthil Kumar

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