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Sri kamatshi traders is one of the leading purchasers Trading Company in South India having Largest Capacity to Purchase Disposal Goods, Unserviceable items and Obsolete Products of all types viz. Disposal goods, Obsolete, Condemned and Unserviceable items. We purchase the unserviceable and condemned items through tenders, auctions and direct sales.

We are also purchasing with discarded computers, non repairable computers, scrap computers, computer boards and other computer related parts is considered hazardous.

E-waste and must be recycled and disposed of properly. We are purchase most kinds of computer waste, such as scrap computers and computer related parts, discarded or outdated computers for recycling purposes.

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  • "The three keys in our choice of an electronics recycler are a reputation, businesses practices, and people we can trust. That's what we've found in Sri Kamatshi Trader."

    - Mr.Senthil Kumar

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